Thought For Food – By PSY-23

If there is one effect which people associate with the consumption of marijuana, even if they have never have experienced it for themselves, it is the eponymous feeling of insatiable hunger that suddenly overwhelms all logical thought processes and allows us to demolish vast quantities of sugary goodness in record time.

Plant Deficiency

Potassium is needed for controlling both water uptake and the process allowing plants to harness energy from the sun (photosynthesis). Potassium promotes flowering, fruiting and general hardiness. Shortages are more likely on light, sandy or chalky soils where potassium is easily washed away. Clay soils, by contrast, hold potassium within their structure.

The ethical misconception surrounding cannabis.

It has been that for many years, society has been misinformed about cannabis and its medical as well as recreational uses. Referred to many times in the past as “The Devil’s Lettuce”, cannabis has been mostly associated with bad habits since the “Marijuana Tax Act” in 1937. At that time, hemp had many uses in industry. Cloth, ropes, incense and paper are just a few examples of the wide variety of applications that the cannabis plant can have beyond consumption. In 1937, Harry J.

Build Soil Like Humboldt

The Emerald Triangle has a reputation for high quality cannabis, and the natural soil is certainly fertile — Is it an accident of nature that gives Humboldt an edge? The quality of the Triangle’s best chronic is no accident. Top tier farmers give back more than they take from their soil.

Still in the Game – PSY23

As the fledgling legal cannabis industry continues to sprout and grow, there are countless characters trying to make a name for themselves through various avenues, but there are some names which have more resonance than others.