Why have you guys called the company Emerald Triangle? What does it relate to?

The Emerald Triangle is the region in northern California comprising of Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino counties. It is a really magical place with special people in a unique environment. After the summer of ’67 a definitive migration started to take place north. By the early 70’s and 80’s a growing number of city dwellers decided to move north into these areas to develop communes, homesteads and other alternative lifestyle communities that broke away from the norms of society. This new found lifestyle was influenced greatly by the use of cannabis. Geographically it happens to be one of the most optimal places in the world to grow cannabis. This region is special as it falls under the same parallel as where cannabis originates from, in the middle east. With all that in mind it has allowed many different aspects of worldwide genetics to settle here, furthering their development.

How long have you guys been breeding?

Collectively over 3 decades

How many breeders are involved with ETS?

Right now 3

Are your strains from all over California, or just the north?

Worldwide – We have put a lot of energy into collecting quality genetics from all over the globe. We are associated with a lot of “oldschoolers” around the west coast who have also done an amazing job of preserving some really old genetic libraries. Here in this area people are much more generous with what they have…a community based on sharing and trading, which results in everyone’s prosperity.

Are all the plants/seeds produced organically? What methods are used to ensure no chemicals etc contaminate anything?

Yes – we pride ourselves on our organic techniques. Everything is grown in soil and is pre amended in balanced npk counts ranging from 5-5-5, 6-6-6 or 7-7-7. Additives we use are kelp, humic acid, simple sugars and compost teas.

Are you going to be producing feminized strains or regular or both?

We offer both grown in America & Europe.

Are they available worldwide?


What would be the crowning glory for ETS? What would you guys like to achieve and be remembered for?

Its not about glorifying things…its about playing our role. We’re trying to carry the torch for our generation to preserve and improve the quality of genetics, so that in the future people will have the same change to access the healing and medicinal properties that this amazing plant has to offer.