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Morning-Star High CBD Very low THC

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After years of development we are proud to release a high quality CBD very low THC plant that produces very high uniform yields that is extremely stable as well as having high pathogen resistance.

Morning Star has been 5 years in the making utilizing a wild hemp variety, it was chosen because it is both very vigorous and disease resistant.

The CBD varietal was chosen from a batch of seeds from a hybridization of two phenotypes which had been grown out over a four year period using a multiple selection method from 1000 plants per selection process and then the best plants were chosen. With this chosen variety two back crosses and then further crosses with the resulting best performing plants.

The breeding process to establish the stable genetics was performed in climate controlled conditions with no risk of cross pollination, pollination was achieved using a meticulous hand pollination regime.

To verify the percentage ratio of feminized seeds a batch of 10,000 seeds per crop is germinated and then flowered with the resulting male to female ratio then measured and converted into a percentage.

A lengthy phenotype selection process has been utilized to create a stable pest resistant strain suitable for windy colder climates that offers a uniform flower canopy for easier harvesting.

The variety is feminized, flowering begins to occur 90 days after seeding as this variety is an early flowering variety it is very xmas tree like in stature with a high number of branches and short internodal length, the leaf is dark green with 5-7 fronds per leaf.

The resulting plant under optimum conditions reaches 17% CBD and 0.2% total THC and if grown correctly in perfect conditions can achieve a yield of 5kg of dried trimmed flower which has a beautiful citrus aroma, the resulting flowers are very compact hard buds which are impossible to distinguish between an indoor grown THC varietal.

Perfect smokeable CBD flower compliant with THC levels.


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Seed Type


Pack Size

3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds

Flowering time

11 – 12 Weeks


Very High



Pathogen Resistance



Tall & Bushy, Xmas Tree Shape




SCBDX X Hemp 4


Early October


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